Buckenham House Group Riding for the Disabled
Horses and Ponies Over   the   years   Buckenham   House   RDA   has   ridden   at   several   different   riding   schools   in   the   area   and   have   been   fortunate to have worked with many splendid horses and ponies. The   horses   and   ponies   come   in   many   shapes   and   sizes   from   a   tiny   Shetland   to   a   giant   Suffolk   x   Thoroughbred,   which   is useful since the riders come in a variety of shapes and sizes too so there will always be a perfect partner for each rider. Each   horse   and   pony   has   their   own   special   personality,   the   slow   and   steady   types   are   perfect   for   the   novice   and   nervous riders   giving   confidence,   having   the   patience   to   allow   the   rider   time   to   learn   and   forgiving   the   odd   mistake.   Other   horses and   ponies   are   keener   with   sharper   reactions,   or   have   cheeky   personalities   and   enjoy   playing   tricks   on   their   riders.   These characters are ideal for the more experienced rider offering a challenge to their riding skills. Each   of   the   horses   and   ponies   we   have   worked   with   has   been   special   in   one   way   or   another   and   we   have   been   privileged to work with them all.