Buckenham House Group Riding for the Disabled
Tips For New Riders 1. What to wear: Comfortable trousers such as jogging pants or leggings, jeans are not recommended since the thick seam up the inside of the leg can rub on your skin. Strong shoes with a low heel. The heel prevents the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Trainers are not recommended, as they have no heel. Wellies are not ideal as the tread is very thick and may get stuck in the stirrups. A comfortable top that does not restrict your movement. Don't worry about riding hats, we have plenty in all sizes for you to borrow, but if you prefer to buy one make sure you go to a saddler and get it properly fitted. We also have a small selection of riding boots for loan but cannot guarantee to have a pair in your size. 2. What not to wear: Things that flap about such as scarves which might scare the horses or get caught up and cause an injury. Jewellery which might get caught up and cause an injury.
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